Nowadays, being in touch with customers and respond to their requests as soon as possible accounts for half of a company’s success. These days, you have to ensure that all clients inquiries are properly managed and answered. To do so you will either need a substantial number of employees or an efficient system developed specifically to manage support requests and processes. The second option works better for all budgets and company sizes.

To be able to manage support requests from users faster and more efficiently, a ticket management system comes in handy. This enables you to keep track of all the support inquiries with better precision and accuracy and thus reduce support expenditures within the company. Moreover, it allows your company to maintain decent relations with customers whose questions are answered promptly and issues solved as soon as possible.

Main Features of Ticket Management Systems For PHP


When it comes to choosing the software to use at your very enterprise, there is a number of issues to consider and take care of. First of all, it is obvious the need to spend less time answering tickets and never be annoyed by another support email again. Secondly, it is an opportunity to keep things organized and easy to access. Below are some other features worth paying attention to when choosing the solution:

  • smooth email integration: ticketing systems instantly turn incoming emails into trouble tickets, and send out automatic email notifications to both users and engineers. This allows to promptly respond to the request as well as mark it as a resolved one on the system;
  • multifunctionality: Assign agents to different areas. Control tickets visibility. Track your assets and assign them to users. Attach documents, screenshots, and PDFs to your tickets. Maintain a knowledge-base. Tag and categorize your tickets;
  • tools integration: given that companies are using a number of softwares and tools including but not limited to AD, JIRA, Exchange, and Dropbox, it is important to be integrable;
  • availability in different languages;
  • ease of use and operation: since these solutions are adopted and used by employees, they are to be easy to operate and fast to install. Certain staff training always takes place. However, the system should be easy to understand so that staffing and training costs do not exceed the planned ones.

All in all, to be able to ensure smooth and effortless user management in the company, a ticketing system is highly advisable. Such will help you keep things organized and efficiently resolved. Support ticket system tracks and handles your customers’ tickets and saves your technicians’ time and this makes it an outstanding decision for your business.

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