If the headline of the article caught your attention, then you have probably faced the problem of dealing with customer requests via e-mail. As a result, you need to handle huge chains of messages and remember every detail of the request by heard. All this makes the work of the customer support service inefficient, slow, and extremely tiring for the employees. Fortunately, there is always a solution – by implementing a ticket system, you can solve all problems at once.

What’s Important in Ticket Systems?

Nowadays, there are many helpdesk services on the market, which creates some problems in choosing a good ticket platform. There is no universal solution, and each company chooses the product that best suits the specifics of the business. In this post, we have collected the best helpdesk solutions offered on the market today.

#1 – OTRS

Open source ticketing system is a popular solution used by large corporations (Sony, HP, and even NASA). Such high popularity is associated with system flexibility. Thus, by slightly modifying the code, one can create a customized ticket system adapted for specific tasks. The interface of OTRS is different from commercial helpdesk services – it is less intuitive but rather convenient.


  • The basic version is completely free;
  • Availability of versions compatible with Windows and Linux. The free add-on allows you to manage the system from an iOS client;
  • Extremely wide possibilities for setting up and adjusting the system;
  • The system works with the LDAP protocol and the ITIL library;
  • Detailed documentation.


  • The complexity of system integration, configuration, and maintenance. You must hire a specialist who will deal with the system. An alternative option is to purchase a paid version with full support from developers;
  • The interface is not intuitive.

#2 – osTicket

osTicket is another open source ticket system that is widely popular due to the ease of integration and the ability to quickly organize the work of the support department. It has a simple, intuitive interface, and a rich set of functions. Clients can create tickets by sending an email, an online request or by contacting customer support by phone.


  • Availability of the free version;
  • Easy installation on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux;
  • Flexible configuration of almost all basic functions;
  • The client does not need to go through the registration process to create a ticket.


  • A ticket is considered closed immediately after the employee’s response – without the possibility for the user to clarify or comment on anything;
  • The client can only see his applications, there is no possibility to study other people’s tickets.

#3 – Request Tracker

It is a ticket system with open source. The well-structured code allows you to refine the system to the needs of the company. Moreover, for its efficient operation, Request Tracker needs some work from your side. You are to set up and configure it correctly.


  • Free product;
  • Cross-platform – works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux;
  • Ample opportunities to refine and adapt the system to a specific business;
  • Ability to work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQLite;
  • The presence of PGP encryption.


  • The need for deep system studying before its use;
  • It takes some time to understand the interface.

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