If you are wondering what is special about ticket tracking software, we will explain you everything in detail. Of course, in certain situations, email works really well for request handling. Suppose you have a small company, and the number of customers is not so big to serve them all properly. In this case, you can easily use email, labeling, email grouping, etc.

But as soon as the volume of applications starts to grow, you should immediately consider using a helpdesk solution for this purpose. Why? There are lots of answers to this question:

  1. Ticket tracking software allows you to review and track any tickets. Thus, you can make sure no information is missed out and the request is followed up on.  
  2. All data are stored in one place. It may happen that you communicate with different people, all discussing the same problem. As a result, the critical information for ticket handling is stored somewhere on your mailbox – in different chains. Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time in order to find it. That’s not efficient agree? With ticket software, request specs, comments, and history – all are available in one place.
  3. Problems with access control. Differently, from using email for request managing, ticket software allows you to group all the requests and display them on a board that different departments can review (edit/ read-only access). Therefore, you can rest assured that each member of your team is in the loop.
  4. In the email setting, there are priorities, but there is no queue management. Of course, you can prioritize emails, but it is hardly possible to properly manage a backlog of tasks without missing out any single item.
  5. The inability to enter metrics and receive reports on the work of technical support. Figures reflecting the work of the department/ team are important for business profitability. That is why it is critical to track it and motivate its improvement. If you are looking for an effective way of report creation and tracking, then you should definitely implement ticket systems into your workflows.
  6. There is no possibility to control the SLA parameters. This item is derived from previous results, but from the perspective of a service company, it should be mentioned separately. If there is no SLA, then you do not comply with business requirements and have no corresponding competitive advantage.

All in all, if you want to improve processes inside the organization and reach top business profitability, then it is time for you to start using ticket software. Once you implement it, the solution will increase business efficiency, will become profitability metric, and will help you plan the time of your employees with the max efficiency.

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