When you contact a service company with a question or a problem, you expect a quick response. And the problem resolution, as well as your future attitude to the firm, depends on the communication channel the company chooses to interact with its clients as the main one. In this post, we will explain to you why it is recommended to use help desk program and how it works.

Multi-channel communication with customers is one of the drivers of growth in modern business. Under the conditions of wide variation in consumer behavior, the use of unpopular or ineffective communication channels in customer interaction schemes is a direct path to business failure. When a client wants to contact you, he will do it, of course, in any way. But still, it is better to offer several options so that the communication takes place with the maximum comfort.

A Ticket System as the Main Communication Channel

One client would like to communicate over the phone; others are more accustomed to using chat on the website. All these communication channels are effective for a specific user audience and are intended for solving certain problems. However, as survey results show, the best performance in terms of processing customer requests can be achieved by using the ticket-system as the main channel.

The ticket system is a partially automated system for prompt processing of client requests according to a specific service algorithm. As a rule, the system accepts the application and automatically assigns it an identification number. As a result, you can further monitor the task and track its execution. What is more, by setting up a notification system, you automatically receive notification each time any comment is left inside the ticket or its status/ assignee is changed.

Using the ticket system, you can do the following operations:

  • contact Customer Care experts with any questions about services provided, both technical and non-technical;
  • make suggestions for improving the quality of services provided;
  • report any failures/ bugs.

The advantages of using ticket systems for customers:

  • access to request info from anywhere and from any devices;
  • the history of all comments on the specific request of each client is saved; the loss of any info is excluded;
  • the entire history of communication is stored in one place, without any third-party messages;
  • the ability to transfer additional information, which will speed up the application ┬áprocessing and problem-solving;
  • convenient, intuitive control panel;
  • categorization of messages for closed and open applications.

All in all, with ticket software, you can easily track a ticket status, team performance, and review regular reports on business efficiency. What is more, depending on a solution you choose, you can also configure it in a way it 100% your business needs.

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